Saturday 23 May 2015
The Swaziland Television Authority (STVA) is a broadcaster established in 1983 through an act of parliament. Before it was established by the Act of parliament, it was known as the Swaziland Television Broadcasting Corporation (STBC). STBC was officially opened by His Majesty King Sobhuza II in February 1978. This was the coming of television in Swaziland. Click here to read more..

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CURRENCIES (T/T BUYING): Euro/Lilangeni (€): 9.7493    US($)/Lilangeni:   6.7530    British £/Lilangeni:11.0783     Lilangeni/Yen: 11.9236

COMMODITIES: Gold $1,513.30 per ounce      Brent Crude Oil $121.50 /barrel

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